Process of accounts payable

17 февраля 2020 by Forex Broker


Accounts payable process includes not only non-payments to contractors but also debts for taxes, fees, and other payments to the budget and extra-budgetary funds. In […]

Accounts payable explanation

10 февраля 2020 by Forex Broker


It is necessary to highlight its characteristic features explaining the term of accounts payable in simple words: acts as capital attracted from outside; has a […]

What are loans payable?

by Forex Broker


Almost all companies work with loans payable. For example, firms charge salaries on the last day of the month. At the same time, the labor […]

Cash basis accounting in bookkeeping

31 января 2020 by Forex Broker


For businesses and organizations, several ways of accounting for income and expenses have been developed and implemented. One of them is the cash accounting method. […]

Double entry bookkeeping system

30 января 2020 by Forex Broker


What is a double entry in accounting? Double entry bookkeeping is a method of accounting, which is the basis for the formation of documented systematized […]

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